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Our professional staff in Haiti


Legrand Charles, Agriculture Development Program Coordinator

Yves Charles, Cooperative Development Program Coordinator

Mme Moleus, Literacy Program Coordinator

Boisrand Perkens, Accountant

Pascal Jerome, Administration


FIDA U.S. Board of Directors

The activities of FIDA U.S. are guided by a small group of volunteers.

Betsy Wall
FIDA (Canada)

Patrick Bentrott

Jennifer Haase Morris
Living the Intention, SPC

Jennifer Haefeli

Joel Tubbs
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Our Executive Directors in Canada & the U.S.


Patrick Bentrott

Executive Director - FIDA U.S.

Patrick Bentrott has worked with Haiti for the past seven years, including two years living and working in Port-au-Prince. He brings to the job a seminary degree, a passion for international development and Haitian culture, and a profound belief in human potential. Through numerous experiences in Haiti that include teaching, coaching basketball, caring for orphans, and surviving the earthquake Patrick has developed a deep appreciation for Haiti and the beautiful people who inhabit its land. He considers Haiti to be a powerful teacher that all too often provides the not-so-gentle nudge towards humility and the truth of human connectedness. Without question, Patrick believes it a tremendous privilege to be in solidarity with such a fascinating and life-affirming country.

Patrick is married to Dr. Kimberly Bentrott. They have three children: Valancia and Solomon who are natives of Haiti, and Samara who is a Colorado native. Patrick and his family reside on the side of a mountain about an hour west of Denver.

Betsy Wall

Executive Director - FIDA (Canada)

Betsy first travelled to Haiti as a teenager in the late sixties with her father who invited her to accompany him on a business trip. Although it was an adventuresome time, the purpose was not lost on her. She is the first born of Russian Mennonite parents who had committed their lives to empowering the marginalized people in society. Betsy’s first trip to Haiti meant that community as she knew it was simply getting bigger.

Thirty years later, two children and a career in marketing advertising and design, Betsy accepted the role of Executive Director of FIDA/pcH, an organization founded by her parents in 1980 with a vision to radically affect the economic lives of the rural poor in Haiti through productive agricultural cooperatives. Her first years were marked by significant growth and expansion of cooperative resources, particularly in the introduction of an adult literacy program to complement the cooperative and agricultural components.

Betsy believes that the success of the work of FIDA/pcH is as much dependent on the will of the Haitian people to be their own agents of change as it is on Canadians to listen and to be appropriately responsive. This is a relationship that is rooted in dignity and respect and it is where true change can be achieved and peace on earth can become a reality.

Today, Betsy ‘s time is spent equally in both countries in her role as member of a Haiti-Canada Directing Council that manages/administrates all the activities of FIDA/pcH.

Betsy and her daughter, Alexis, were in Haiti when the great earthquake of January 12th struck. They, along with the 36 staff of FIDA/pcH, remain committed to working with rural men and women to heal and restore the country of Haiti.