Empowering Haitian people to transform their own communities through agriculture and education.


Supporting education and innovation in agricultural development.

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Agricultural Cooperatives

No investment in Haiti can be sustained unless it begins with a business model with principles, structure, transparency, accountability, and participation.

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FIDA recognizes that a business model is not sustainable when the majority of the participants are illiterate. We developed a comprehensive adult literacy program incorporating scenarios of rural life in Haiti to ground the learning for Haitian farmers.

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Cultural Immersion

Haiti is a country steeped in centuries of cultural fear and mistrust. Although an independent republic since 1804, Haitians have yet to experience the trust that enables productivity through cooperation.

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Hike for Haiti

Experience the incredible natural and cultural beauty of Haitian countryside on our annual Hike for Haiti. Our week together includes a two-day, 24-mile hike through the southern mountains of the country and opportunities to explore the work of FIDA-pch with visits to projects.

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What sets FIDA apart from other organizations.

While there are thousands of international organizations present in Haiti doing good work, much of the activity has created a sustained dependence on foreign intervention to provide health care, education, food, and relief work when natural disasters occur. FIDA-pcH is a registered Haitian not-for-profit and maintains an all-Haitian staff team.


How you can get involved.

  • Sign up for our newsletter to stay informed about our projects in Haiti and opportunities to travel with a group to experience the beauty and interesting culture of the country.

  • Invite our Executive Director to speak to your faith community, church, social group, or service club.

  • Travel to Haiti with an established group or form a group of friends for a cultural immersion trip. Help us change the narrative about Haiti and see for yourself how we are empowering Haitians to support their families and their communities.

  • Donate online or through one of our fundraising events.

  • Join the Hike for Haiti and experience the beauty of the country.

  • Ask us about volunteer opportunities.